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Please Read Prior to Continuing!

The following CAD Drawing viewer is Beta version 2.0.  This viewer may require a plug-in to be downloaded and installed in your browser.  If you do not see a drawing in the box below then the viewer is downloading currently.  The file is approximately 6 MB so the download and installation of the plug-in will take a few moments.  Once the installation is complete you will see a drawing in the box below.  Your Internet security settings will need to be set to medium (which is the default) in order for the viewer to function.  There may be a bar that pops up in the top of the internet explorer, if so, you will need to click the bar and select install activix control.  




For additional information or assistance please contact Carl Douglass directly at: 419-424-8367 or VIA cdouglass@hancor.com.


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